1st May - 25th June 2011
The Crompton Tavern, 46 Crompton Street, Derby, DE1 1NX

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it". (Confucius).

In Gods and Monsters: I explore our perceptions of what is beautiful. When we say something is beautiful, we are recommending to others that they should take delight in it, but they may not see what we do. Therefore, this is ultimately a very personal view of what I find aesthetic. As an artist I can only recommend. You must decide for yourself.

The work also examines the question "Is beauty synonymous with perfection?"

We see the classic beauty in the damaged Venus de Milo, for example. She is no longer perfect, yet imperfect, she is perfection. So beauty can be found in the imperfect. I have looked at the imperfect and fragmented and found beauty.

"Don't blame me. I didn't create beauty. I just steal little bits of it for my art." (Richard Ferguson).

The inspiration for this work has come from a variety of sources. From the beauty of Classical sculpture to the fundamental aesthetic beauty found in the unity of form in nature.

Anything under the sun is beautiful of you have the vision - it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so. (Charles Hawthorne)

"One mans God is another mans Monster".


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