Inspiration for my creative practice comes from whatever sparks my interest. I try not to keep to fixed topics, as I like the freedom to explore all things, however recurring themes throughout my work, are the male form and our perception of beauty, and the aesthetics of decay and degradation.

An exploration of the effects of nature on man made objects and the changes to surfaces that result from the decaying process kick-start my interest. Weather, and the passage of time produce textures and colours, which are both transient and ephemeral yet often stunning. The world, in my perception, is just a surface. I am interested in the narrative that lies behind this and the visual evidence. This offers infinite possibilities for creative interpretation to happen, this is where true depth transpires. As nature overcomes man's best efforts we often find true beauty.

Over the past few years printmaking, the 'safer' more environmentally friendly kind has increasingly begun to take over my practice. I find that whilst working into the metal plates that are used to create the images, they often take on a gratifying sculptural aspect giving both textural and tonal qualities that provide me with a greater mark-making vocabulary.


Dogma and Damnation
11th - 25th July 2015
Artsmith LIVE, 109 Monk St, Derby, DE22 3QB

Gods and Monsters
1st May - 25th June 2011
The Crompton Tavern, 46 Crompton Street, Derby, DE1 1NX

Beauty in Decay
1st May - 30th July 2010
Cathedral Centre Coffee Shop, 18 - 19 Iron Gate, Derby


I am an artist member and tutor of Green Door Printmaking Studio.

Green Door Printmaking Studio is Derby's only open access artist studio dedicated to the art and craft of innovative and environmentally safer printmaking.

We research, develop and teach the very latest techniques and processes for innovative and environmentally safer printmaking. We are building a local, national and internaional artist's community of printmakers dedicated to safer printmaking practices by inviting contributions to our projects, exhibitions and print exchanges. We strive to raise the profile of printmaking as a primary art form with a long and distinguished history.



15 June - 18 August 2013
Derby QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3AS

Navigating the Currents: 100 Inkteraction reactions
17/1/2012- 19/2/2012
Texas Tech. University, Lubbock, TX
24/1/2012- 21/2/2012
Cedar Valley College, Lancaster, TX
6/4/2012 - 30/4/2012
The 567 Centre for Renewal, Macon, GA
October/November 2012
McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana
11/1/2013 - 17/3/2013
Union College, Schenectady, NY

Saturday 24th November - Saturday 22nd December 2012
Tarpey Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art, 77 High Street, Castle Donnington, DE74 2PQ

Neo: Print Prize
Finalist show 13/9/2012-28/10/2012
Neo: Gallery 22, The Market place, Bolton

Behind the Green Door
30/3/2012 - 7/9/2012
Derby Hospital Air project

Bah Humbug: Group show
18/11/2011 - 27/1/2012
Crompton Tavern, Derby

Leicester Small Print Big Impression
5th February - 2nd May 2011
New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester
7th May - 26th June 2011
78 Derngate, Northampton
24th July - 28th August 2011
Rufford Craft Centre, North Nottinghamshire
3rd September - 9th October 2011
Gallery Top, Nr Matlock, Derbyshire
22nd October - 4th December 2011
MAC, Birmingham

3rd December - 18th February 2011
Group show with Green Door Printmaking Studio at:
Cathedral Centre Coffee Shop, 18 - 19 Iron Gate, Derby

Shape Shifters
21st August - 15th October 2010
Group show with Green Door Printmaking Studio at:
The Beetroot Tree, Draycott, Derbyshire

Deferred Gratification
3rd July - 28th August 2010
Group show with Green Door Printmaking Studio at:
The Crompton Tavern. Derby

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